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London, 12th August 2019 – Results from the second year of Dairy UK and AHDB’s dairy marketing campaign have once again shown resounding success for the dairy sector in rekindling millennial’s love for dairy.

Research following the end of the second year of Dairy UK and AHDB’s consumer marketing campaign has found that 11% more young parents reported they were certain to buy dairy products.

What’s more, the study also showed a success in ‘reducing the reducers’, with research showing an 8% fall in the number of people cutting their dairy consumption now or planning to in future, along with an 11% reduction in intention to consume plant-based substitutes.

The campaign which first launched in 2017, aims to remind young consumers of their love of dairy, focusing on taste and enjoyment. Specifically targeting 20 to 35-year-old parents, the promotional activity used the spoof organisation ‘The Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs’ to create and share ‘dairy moments’, reminding them of how dairy makes life better.

Commenting on the results from the second year of activity, Dr Judith Bryans, Dairy UK chief executive said: “We’re thrilled that for the second year running the campaign has delivered such strong results. We’ve shown dairy is absolutely a relevant category to millennials, and how our products add taste and enjoyment to their daily lives.”

Rebecca Miah, AHDB head of dairy marketing said: “We knew dairy was being overlooked as a category so it’s fantastic to see that people are responding positively to the campaign and reigniting their love of dairy.”

The campaign ran between March and May this year and featured videos on social media and on-demand TV, digital outdoor billboards throughout London and for the first time ever, cinema advertising.

The adverts were seen by 23.8 million people on social media, 7.1 million on catch-up TV, 8.1 million in the cinema and 13.5 million on billboards.

Farmers have also been promoting the campaign locally by ordering branded posters, banners, re-useable coffee cups and car stickers for use on-farm and at local events.