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People are living longer today than at any other point in history and the goal of health systems globally is to make sure that older adults are stronger and healthier for longer. Dairy UK brought healthcare professionals, researchers and the industry sector experts together to hear and discuss the latest science showing the benefits of dairy foods in our diets to support healthy ageing, and sustainable diets.


Dairy UK’s Stronger for Longer event showcased the findings from research covering a range of topics from slowing bone loss, preserving muscle mass and strength and the benefits of the nutrient richness of dairy foods in ageing adults.

Dr Sandra Iuliano of the University of Melbourne presented the results of a recently published trial which looked at dairy consumption and frailty. The trial found that adding 3.5 servings of dairy a day to the diets of older adults in care homes improved their nutritional status, slowed bone loss, and reduced their risk of fractures and falls.

Dr Breen from the University of Birmingham provided a comprehensive overview of the latest evidence on the interventions and research on dairy consumption and ageing muscles. Dr Breen described how dairy proteins and whole dairy foods, alongside exercise, can help preserve muscle mass and strength in older adults.

Dr Mitch Kanter, an expert on the nutrition and sustainability of dairy foods from Global Dairy Platform outlined how the nutrition and health benefits of dairy interplay with all pillars of sustainability. Dr Kanter highlighted how the nutrient richness and bioavailability of dairy nutrients mean that dairy foods are a key pillar of a sustainable diet and for feeding a growing global population.

Commenting, Erica Hocking, senior nutrition scientist of Dairy UK said: “Our panel of expert speakers really brought to life the many facets of dairy nutrition and the huge contribution dairy foods can make to our health as we age and their importance in sustainable food systems.

“It was fantastic to see so many of our colleagues in the healthcare professions could join in these discussions with us today and I hope that they can take forward the evidence and learnings presented by our speakers into their clinical practice and support older adults to make the best dietary choices.”

You can view Dairy UK’s webinar ‘Stronger for Longer: Dairy Nutrition for Healthy Ageing’ here.