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10th May 2022 – The UK Dairy Roadmap has announced an extension to its target on carbon auditing, issuing the following statement:

Increasing pressure on the industry and soaring costs of production can make it difficult to think about anything other than overheads. Reducing our carbon footprint might, understandably, be falling down the agenda for many farmers.

With this in mind, the Dairy Roadmap is extending their target for farmers to have completed a carbon audit from December 2022 to June 2023.

“We’re very conscious of the external pressures our members are facing at the moment,” says Emma Gregson, Environment Manager at Dairy UK.

“We would continue to urge all farmers to consider conducting a carbon audit on their farm as soon as possible. Not only will this help with our journey as an industry towards Net Zero, but is so important in helping improve efficiencies within the business. At a time of rising prices and cost of production, this can be invaluable for helping to protect and improve the bottom line.”

Nic Parsons, AHDB’s Head of Dairy Development would agree. “The two go hand in hand,” says Nic.

“Efficiency is key to both resilience and sustainability. It is important to measure so that we can identify improvements and plan for the future. Increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact is a win-win for all farmers.”

Read more from Nic about why it is so important to act now: