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14th September 2020 – Dairy UK has published findings from its annual Benchmarking Survey, which in its 11th year has once again shown processor achievements in improving environmental performance.

Launched in 2008, the Dairy UK Environmental Benchmarking Survey has charted the continuous environmental improvement of UK dairy processors. This year’s survey report has shown dairy processors making yet further strides including:

·  20% increase in primary energy efficiency (kWh/tonne);

·  17% decrease in energy related carbon per kg milk (kg CO2/kg);

·  20% increase in water efficiency (m3/tonne);

·  94% of ex-factory waste is recycled or recovered;

·  23% average recycled content by weight across all packaging.

Yet again the results from the Benchmarking Survey have shown dairy processors making positive progress made across the entire dairy processing sector and continuing to build their commitments to continuous environmental improvement set under the Dairy Roadmap

These results come as the sector conducts a wider review of the Dairy Roadmap, looking at a programme of work examining how the dairy sector can contribute to the delivery of Net Zero, with a series of workshops underway across the supply chain to engage stakeholders on the topic.

Commenting on the results from this year’s Benchmarking Survey Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK said: “This year’s Benchmarking Survey is a testament to the seriousness and proactivity with which dairy processors treat their environments. In these sustained improvements made over more than a decade, the industry shows that sustainability is not a topic taken lightly and that companies are committed to improving year in and year out.”