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London, 31st January 2019 – Delegates at yesterdays ‘Dairy Delivers’ conference heard the great strides the dairy industry has made on sugar reduction.

Attendees to the ‘Weighing up the Facts? Does Dairy Deliver’ conference in London saw impressive results from the dairy industry on its efforts to reduce the sugar content of its products, in line with the targets laid down in the Childhood Obesity Plan.

In the yogurt and fromage frais category, the industry achieved a 6% reduction in sugar content, surpassing the target of 5% laid down by Public Health England. The Childhood Obesity Plan laid down ambitious targets, asking the industry to reduce sugar consumption by 20% by 2020, and a 5% reduction in the first year.

Commenting Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK said: “These results just go to show the fantastic work the industry has done to reduce the sugar content of dairy products, not just meeting but surpassing the year one target set by Government.”

Dairy UK acknowledged that whilst further sugar reductions presented a challenge, the industry was working hard to deliver products with less sugar and still provide consumers with the taste and quality they expect.