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‘Milk Your Moments’ is all about the importance of taking a moment to connect or reconnect with the people in our lives and celebrates dairy’s role in those social moments. Those moments of human connection are especially important in these difficult times.

The Campaign is delighted to have teamed up with Mind, SAMH and Inspire – leading mental health charities covering the UK, to help support those struggling with mental health challenges during these difficult times.

We are grateful to everyone who has made this campaign happen and to thank all of the campaign’s funders. It’s amazing what good we can do when we all come together.

This funder page has been developed to celebrate and thank the campaign funders. We are grateful to everyone who made this campaign happen – this campaign is an example of industry collaboration at its very best.

For transparency – all of the funding collected by Dairy UK for the campaign will be ringfenced solely for use as part of this campaign within the Dairy Marketing Forum.

Generate your dairy moment
and donate to the Mind emergency appeal.

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