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Tasty, healthy dairy

Dairy products are nutrient rich foods that are a vital part of any healthy, balanced diet. They are a great source of essential nutrients, such as calcium, and can also be rich in other important vitamins and minerals.

Dairy UK wants to ensure that the products of its members are recognised for their many positive health attributes.

By lobbying key government agencies and departments, we work hard to prevent short sighted regulatory and legislative proposals from affecting the prospects for dairy products.

We are active members of a new Dairy Partnership set up between the Food Standards Agency and the dairy industry. Its goal is to help officials understand the business of producing dairy products, and collaborate on projects aimed at improving the nation’s diet.

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Trehane Trust Scholars' Dinner tonight with scholars past and present, looking forward to an interesting exchange of experience and ideas.

Peter Kendall's unique expertise and experience in agriculture will be a fantastic asset for the AHDB.

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