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A sustainable, profitable industry for all

Relationships between farmers, milk buyers and retailers are key to the health of the dairy industry.

In the past, there has been tension over the issue of low milk prices, but Dairy UK has always recognised that a sustainable industry needs to be a profitable one – for everyone in the supply chain.

That’s why we participated in 2007’s Great Milk Debates; and why we continue to lobby on issues such as Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, Bluetongue and CAP reform, in the interests of British dairy farmers. Our recent White Paper also stresses the importance of fair returns for every link in the supply chain.

We will continue to promote better understanding and co-operation between farmers and the rest of the supply chain. The UK Dairy Farmers' Forum hosted by Dairy UK feeds its views and resolutions directly into Dairy UK's board. Two Forum members sit on our board.

We also keep farmers up to date with our work via a regular newsletter, appearances at key agricultural shows and by offering briefings when the need arises.

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Peter Kendall's unique expertise and experience in agriculture will be a fantastic asset for the AHDB.

Delighted to hear about Peter Kendall's appointment at @AHDB01

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