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Dairy industry and the environment

We have an enormous responsibility to lessen our impact on the environment; that’s true as individuals, organisations and as industries. Increasingly, it’s what consumers expect as well, lending a powerful incentive to green the supply chain.

Dairy is no different, and has been making big efforts to reduce carbon emissions, water use and waste for many years. In addition to beating Climate Change Agreement targets on energy use (16% reduction since 1995), the Milk Roadmap is steering the liquid milk sector to an even smaller environmental footprint.

Simply put, the Roadmap means milk processors will cut water use by 30%, recycle half of all plastic milk bottles back into milk bottles, install low nitrogen burners in gas boilers and introduce Environmental Management Systems by 2020. There are additional commitments from farmers and retailers.

Dairy UK itself has a rigorous environmental policy at its offices, and will be benchmarking its performance in the future.

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Peter Kendall's unique expertise and experience in agriculture will be a fantastic asset for the AHDB.

Delighted to hear about Peter Kendall's appointment at @AHDB01

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