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CAP reform and WTO

CAP reform and World Trade talks

Dairy UK is committed to ensuring that UK dairy producers and processors remain competitive and successful.

This determines our stance on CAP reform implementation and the WTO’s Doha Round, both of which are aimed at liberalising markets.

The CAP Reform Health Check package agreed in November 2008 will require 1% quota increases each quota year for the five years beginning 2009/10, the lapsing of the quota regime altogether in 2015 and the suppression of consumption subsidies for milk protein and the introduction of tendering for intervention purchasing schemes. The package also gives Member States discretion to reduce direct payments to fund targetted measures in the dairy sector.

Dairy UK will continue to lobby to ensure that the EU’s CAP reform is applied equally and transparently to all Member States. We also want market volatility to be kept to manageable levels by ensuring the continuation of an effective safety net intervention system and the targetted use of export refunds when appropriate.

If the WTO negotiations are resumed Dairy UK will work to ensure that the UK is not unfairly discriminated against by the creation of tariff quotas targetted at the UK market.


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