Dairy Roadmap 2015

on Monday, 14 December 2015. Posted in Reports & Publications

 cover roadmapA unique approach to sustainability throughout the dairy supply chain.

The Dairy Roadmap demonstrates that action is being taken and changes are being made in order to protect the environment whilst still moving the industry forwards. This work fits in line with the advice from government and illustrates a hardworking, innovative and responsible industry.

The Dairy Roadmap unites Britain's dairy industry including farmers, dairy manufacturers, retailers, government and industry partners. Together, the supply chain defines targets and produces regular reports on progress that the industry is making on environmental matters.

With each report since 2008, the ambition and reach of the industry has grown and this is reflected in the way the Roadmap has developed.

There is no end point, no finish line on environmental sustainability and we will continue to challenge ourselves to keep progressing in this area.

Click here to access the Dairy Roadmap.

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