Brexit & the Future of Dairy Exports

on Thursday, 17 November 2016. Posted in Reports & Publications

coverbrexitexportsThe UK dairy sector is an outstanding industry which has been steadily growing its exports of world-class products, supporting much needed rural jobs and employing people with the expertise, ambition and determination to succeed.

Yet the last six months have brought some of the most unexpected and singular challenges we have had to face. As the market began a slow but steady recovery, the Brexit referendum forced us to take a step back, analyse our strengths and weaknesses, and try to anticipate what might come next. With so much yet to be negotiated and agreed,it is essential that the dairy industry should make its priorities very clear and maintain a close and constructive dialogue with Government and Parliament throughout the negotiation process.

If we are to remain internationally competitive and successfully exploit the dairy trade opportunities we have at home and abroad. This document outlines where we are, where we want to be and what we need from Government and Parliament to fulfil our potential.

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