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Dairy UK (NI) and the Ulster Farmers’ Union have agreed a voluntary Code of Practice for contractual relationships between suppliers and purchasers of milk in Northern Ireland. This voluntary Code is based on a similar Code that was developed and agreed by the industry in Great Britain as part of the outworking of the EU Dairy Package. In developing this Code both Dairy UK (NI) and UFU were mindful of the need to reflect the local circumstances in Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the Northern Ireland document, Dairy UK (NI) Director Dr Mike Johnston said, “Agreement of this voluntary Code of Practice for NI means that an important element of the EU Dairy Package, namely contractual relationships between suppliers and purchasers of milk, has now been addressed within the UK as a whole. And just as important, it has been achieved by the dairy supply chain working on a co-operative, voluntary basis rather than through a legislative approach by Government.”

Speaking on behalf of the UFU, Deputy President Ian Marshall said “This is a first yet significant step for the Northern Ireland Dairy Industry. By setting out good practice for contracts between producers and processors, the Voluntary Code aims to improve trust and transparency between producers and processors. The expectation is that the Voluntary Code will work alongside the recommendations of Agri-Food Strategy Board, ensuring that our dairy industry is able to adapt and grow whilst meeting the challenges ahead.”


Notes for Editors: As in Great Britain, final implementation of the voluntary code of practice will be subject to legal approval.

Contacts for further information:

Dr Mike Johnston, Dairy UK (NI) Director: tel 02890 770116, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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