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Find me a Milkman – I want doorstep deliveries!

Every day, the UK’s 5,000 milkmen and women deliver to around 2.5 million homes. They are truly early birds, with most milk rounds starting in the early hours of the morning.

Fresh liquid milk in environmentally-friendly returnable glass milk bottles is the cornerstone of this service, but your milkman can also deliver a large range of other goods.

To arrange a regular doorstep delivery, visit the Find Me a Milkman website. Find Me a Milkman will give you the contact details of all your local doorstep milk delivery services.

Besides a range of conventional and organic milks, the majority of milkmen now deliver a whole range of other goods as well!

Your milkman can deliver traditional products such as butter, eggs, bread, cheese and potatoes; or mineral waters, soft drinks, flavoured milks, household products, the famous Dairy Diary and even cookbooks.

Delivery staff provide an essential service, as well as being the eyes and ears of the local community. In the past they've helped customers, prevented fires and serious crime.

That’s why the cream of the crop of the nation’s milkmen is recognised through the  annual Milkman of the Year competition.

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Peter Kendall's unique expertise and experience in agriculture will be a fantastic asset for the AHDB.

Delighted to hear about Peter Kendall's appointment at @AHDB01

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