Dairy UK is the trade association for the British dairy supply chain. It brings together farmers, dairy co-operatives and manufacturers, bottle milk buyers and milkmen throughout the United Kingdom.

This supply chain approach is unique within the global dairy industry. Between them, Dairy UK's members collect and process about 85% of UK milk production.

Our mission is twofold:

  • To create an environment in which dairy foods are seen as safe, sustainable and integral to the nation’s diet, and;
  • To create an environment that allows the dairy sector to compete and grow without an undue burden of regulation.

Through its committees and working groups, the Dairy UK programme of work focuses on several areas such as public health and nutrition; policy and economics; sustainability and the environment; scientific and technical issues in the supply chain; occupational health and safety; skills and more.

Dairy UK represents its members’ interests in Parliament and with the Government by defending industry positions and ensuring dairy issues are taken into account by key decision-makers.

Our main office is located in London with another office in Glasgow and one in Belfast.

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